giving jrock fans a reason to celebrate (almost) every day ^-^/
nearly missed him out >.<
happy birthday takashi! (*´▽`)ノ
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Happy Birthday MiA! (*´▽`)ノ
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happy birthday bou ~ (*´▽`)ノ
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hello guys! ^-^

so i’ve been getting quite a bit in my inbox recently..


i guess it’s alright to post since it’s anon anw? > <

firstly, i do apologize for the slow response.

however, i have mentioned beforehand in this post that i’ll be managing this site alone for now and unfortunately i’ve had quite a few papers due these two weeks so i can’t log in as often.
i posted on saturday, and today being monday, it’s only been a lapse of a day so i do seek your understanding with regard to my inability to log in on a daily basis. i am trying, though.

i’ve added ichigo-chan to the list considering his role in abingdon boys school but having been to one of his concerts two years ago, i wouldn’t say his music would really be considered of the rock genre which was why i initially left him out but since he’s been brought up so much..
as such, i won’t be posting for amuro namie-san (whose name i also received) since her music is more r&b / pop.

i hope this clears things up a bit!
again, i do apologize for being slow but please do bear with me while i try to figure out how to best run this without too many hiccups.

thank you! :D
(sorry it turned out to be a really long post)

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Happy Birthday Kazami (*´▽`)ノ
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later than usual this week, i’m sorry D8

★09/14 -

★09/15 -
Kazami / DaizyStripper / drummer & pianist

★09/16 -
Bou / ex-An Cafe / guitarist

★09/17 -
Tora / Alice Nine / guitarist
MiA / MEJIBRAY / guitarist
Takashi / kameleo / guitarist

★09/19 -
Nishikawa Takanori / T.M. Revolution // abingdon boys school

★09/20 -
Яyo / Girugamesh / drummer

if there are any mistakes, or if someone’s been missed out, please feel free to send an ask and it’ll be rectified asap. thank you! ★

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Happy Birthday, Angel-Taka!
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